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What is Meri Registry? How does it work?

For a lot of people, deciding what gift to give on occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary, housewarming, baby shower or any other special day, a gift registry is really a blessing. India is a land of lots of celebrations, and ceremonies and gift culture in our society is considered as ethics.

However, this culture where we gift to celebrate our loved one’s happiness is gradually turning into a formality. And this is because people are not aware of the gift’s usability. A lot of times, same gifts, or gifts of no such use, are received which keeps on getting passed until it reaches to someone who really needs that. Photo frames, crockeries and showpieces are a few popular ones, which people just keep on passing and passing.

Meri registry takes account of such problem and provides a platform for people to exchange gifts in a manner they are sensible and relevant for one to use.

The concept is simple: Anyone who has an upcoming special day can register their names, create a gift registry of products that they think will be usable and convenient, in short, t things which one desired to receive as the gift.

The gift registry will then be shared with guests, relatives and friends, through URLs and will be asked to purchase the gifts from there. It makes the complicated task of deciding what to gift easy, people don’t need to get stuck gets confused or frustrated, wondering all the time about someone’s like and dislike.

Presently, even as normal we prefer to shop online, as of its flexibility, more variety and lots of offers and discount, in a similar way when a guest sees an item in the host’s gift registry, he or she can buy it online – or by visiting a physical store too.

Also, in the situations when occasions are not possible to attend, people can use Meri Registry to send gifts knowing before the host’s desires and wishes.

Meri Registry is not limited to the traditional gifts. Instead, it has a variety of products and that too from the popular eCommerce platform of India – Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Pepperfry, Snapdeal, Craftsvilla and more. So, hosts can make a list of possible items relevant to their use or something that they desired to have, and present the list to their guests.

Meri Registry is an innovative concept in India, the pure sense of gifting lies in its usability and relevancy. In India we don’t wrap things in glitter papers; instead, we wrap our emotions and feelings, and Meri Registry makes that possible.